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Обложка «Russian Girls Inside Out»

Russian Girls Inside Out

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What comes to our minds when we hear or come across the word combo “Russian girl”? Beauty, grace, seduction, youth? This book would take a look at this from another angle, and provide an answer to the secret of the phenomenal impact of the beauty of Slavic girls. Beauty does not only connote blessings and happiness but can sometimes cause serious psychical and physical troubles, as well as misunderstanding. This is a guide to what is happening in the mind of an average Russian girl.

Тип: Электронная книга
Жанр: книги о путешествиях, общая психология, прикладная литература
Цена: 488.00 руб.
Правообладатель: Издательские решения
Добавлена: 19.12.2019

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