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Обложка «Forensic Evidence in Court. Evaluation and Scientific Opinion»

Forensic Evidence in Court. Evaluation and Scientific Opinion
Craig Adam

The interpretation and evaluation of scientific evidence and its presentation in a court of law is central both to the role of the forensic scientist as an expert witness and to the interests of justice. This book aims to provide a thorough and detailed discussion of the principles and practice of evidence interpretation and evaluation by using real cases by way of illustration. The presentation [...]

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: зарубежная образовательная литература
Добавлена: 24.02.2019

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Обложка «Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Forensic Science»

Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Forensic Science
Craig Adam

This text is an accessible, student-friendly introduction to the wide range of mathematical and statistical tools needed by the forensic scientist in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of experimental measurements. From a basis of high school mathematics, the book develops essential quantitative analysis techniques within the context of a broad range of forensic applications. This [...]

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Жанр: медицина
Добавлена: 10.05.2018