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Обложка «Reliability Prediction and Testing Textbook»

Reliability Prediction and Testing Textbook
Edward Anderson

This textbook reviews the methodologies of reliability prediction as currently used in industries such as electronics, automotive, aircraft, aerospace, off-highway, farm machinery, and others. It then discusses why these are not successful; and, presents methods developed by the authors for obtaining accurate information for successful prediction. The approach is founded on approaches that [...]

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: техническая литература
Добавлена: 13.01.2019

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Обложка «Accelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology»

Accelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology
Lev Klyatis

Learn how ART and ADT can reduce cost, time, product recalls, and customer complaints This book provides engineers with the techniques and tools they need to use accelerated reliability testing (ART) and accelerated durability testing (ADT) as key factors to accurately predict a product's quality, reliability, durability, and maintainability during a given time, such as service life or [...]

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: техническая литература, электроника
Добавлена: 24.02.2019