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Обложка «Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors»

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors

Get a realisitic guide to producing construction documents that clearly communicate the interior space of new construction, remodeling, or installation projects with Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors. This highly visual book: includes such details as furniture, finishes, lighting, and others. features authors? drawings as well as those from practicing professionals. covers drafting fundamentals and conventions; drawing types, plans, and schedules; and computer-aided design. addresses graphic language as a communication tool. details the process of creating construction documents, the use of computers, and various reproduction systems and standards. includes examples of both residential and commercial interiors. is an essential reference for NCIDQ examination. Order your copy today.

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: архитектура, дизайн
Цена: 4329.71 ₽
Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited (prof) USD
Добавлена: 14.08.2019

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