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Обложка «Nanomaterials in Drug Delivery, Imaging, and Tissue Engineering»

Nanomaterials in Drug Delivery, Imaging, and Tissue Engineering
Tiwari Ashutosh

This groundbreaking, multidisciplinary work is one of the first books to cover Nanotheragnostics, the new developmental edge of nanomedicine. Through a collection of authoritative chapters, the book reports on nanoscopic therapeutic systems that incorporate therapeutic agents, molecular targeting, and diagnostic imaging capabilities. An invaluable reference for researchers in materials science, [...]

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: научно-популярная литература
Добавлена: 07.06.2018

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Обложка «Concise Encyclopedia of High Performance Silicones»

Concise Encyclopedia of High Performance Silicones
Soucek Mark

The encyclopedia will be an invaluable source of information for researchers and students from diverse backgrounds including physics, chemistry, materials science and surface engineering, biotechnology, pharmacy, medical science, and biomedical engineering. [...]

Тип: PDF-книга
Жанр: техническая литература
Добавлена: 07.06.2018