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Обложка «Cold Cello»

Cold Cello

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Julia Kalashnikova is a musician, journalist, owner of several former homeless cats. Music has surrounded her since childhood. Julia's favorite instruments have always been the violin and cello. The fairy tale presented to your attention is dedicated to the cello, but not ordinary, but magical. This story appeared under the wonderful compositions of the Finnish rock-band Apocalyptica, namely under the album "Shadowmaker". Friendship, music, love, devotion, magic, deceit, greed, good and evil, joy and sorrow – all these components are to be found in the pages of the book "Cold Cello".

Тип: Электронная книга
Жанр: историческое фэнтези, любовное фэнтези
Цена: 176.00 руб.
Правообладатель: Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого
Издательство: Мультимедийное Издательство Стрельбицкого
Дата публикации:
Добавлена: 10.10.2019

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